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Forum Rules

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1 Forum Rules on Sun Nov 09, 2008 3:35 pm


Basic Rules:
1 Don't be rude to other people
2 All posts must have at least four words.
3 No Advertising in any forum but the Advertising Forum
4 No swearing
5 Use english language ONLY!
6 No Threatening Acts!
7 Be Active!
8 No Double Posting!
9 Do not post copyright materials
10.Signatures must not contain any sexual or abusing contents
11.Do not make multiple accounts
12.Have Fun!

No Flamin or Trolling & no Pornography or Hentai:
You must RESPECT that this game and forum is for 3 years and up. Arguments of a hateful nature will not be tolerated and both parties will be punished. Trolling is forbidden, as is any form of cyber-stalking or harassment. Anyone using the Private Messaging (PM) system to abuse any member on Golden Sun Online will be banned. Hentai and pornography are not allowed under any circumstances, in either visual or written form.

If you find a post on the forums that breaks any of these rules, you are encouraged to report it. To report, click the icon that looks like an upside-down triangle with an exclamation mark in. Reporting is easy - choose the appropriate reason why the post breaks the rules, add some extra info if you need to, and click Submit. Moderators and Admins can check the reports in the Moderator Control Panel. Please don't abuse this form though - only Report if you have a valid reason to. You could get banned for continually using Report for no reason.

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