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Golden Sun Online Changelog

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1 Golden Sun Online Changelog on Sun Nov 09, 2008 4:20 pm


For downloads go to:


Alpha 0.1
Alpha 0.1 Info:
This is only a login alpha, it shows how the login is supposed to be, this is made with Game Maker 6.1 and i dont know if the "Server Status" works.

Alpha 0.2
Alpha 0.2 Info:
This alpha could actually log in to users. There's not so much features in it except testing my battle system, which has nothing to do with the real Golden Sun battle system.

Alpha 0.21 Info:
On this Alpha I got the Register button to work, all registering for the alphas will be in the client.

Alpha 0.22 Info:
I just added a function to choose character at register, all registers will be reset at Alpha 0.23.

Alpha 0.23:
Only some updated design and the registration needs more information now. Everyone that registered before this version need to register again.

Alpha 0.3
Alpha 0.3:
New GUI In The LogIn Screen.

Alpha 0.31:
I'm hoping this one will be the first one to be testing a server, but I will only host it for 24 hours and then update the game back to normal again. It's just to see how people like it. Note that this version may not come out before Sunday or Monday since I'm going to my grandma this weekend.

Alpha 0.32:
I just updated the battle scene.

Alpha 0.33:
I'm currently working with some server stuff... Trying to get the chat working. It's looking good, I may release a version with a defect(not working) chat box, but with the delete function working.

Alpha 0.34(in progress):
I'm not sure what will happen in this version, due to chat box defects in 0.33...

Alpha 0.4
Alpha 0.4(In progress):
This version is totally re-programmed, it may take 1-2 months to get this one done. As I haven't even made the server I have to make that too, so I hope I'll the the GUI for this Alpha in at least one month, so I can have another one to make the server, which means I may have this alpha in March, but I'm not promising anything. If this alpha is a success the new versions will be betas instead, and I will also try contacting Camelot one more time.
DoubleBuffering - Done
Stable FPS/UPS - Done
GUI - In progress
Connecting to server - In progress
Map - In progress

More Alphas and info on them later.

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