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Ranking System

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1 Ranking System on Sat Jun 06, 2009 12:48 pm


I Added a Ranking System for the amount you post in the forum:

0 post
A Newcomer InGame

Trainee Adept

10 posts
A Young Adept that has an untapped potential

35 posts
A Warrior that has unlocked some of his potential.But still has a long way to go.

Advanced Adept
100 posts
An Experienced Warrior capable of harnessing the force within.

Elite Adept
250 posts
An Elite Warrior Fully Capable of Harnessing the forces of his nature and controlling his inner force.

Adept Master
1000 posts!!!
Great Warriors of Golden Sun that surpassed even their masters.
Adept Masters Passed many difficult ordeals.
They are Truly the Best of the Best

Extra Ranks:
We will make contests that will give you special ranks.

Hidden Ranks
Some say there are hidden ranks that might be given to you if you make at least 10k posts or higher.

Still Studying...*snore*


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