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New webdomain soon!

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1 New webdomain soon! on Sun Jun 21, 2009 5:44 pm


I will very soon buy a new webdomain for Golden Sun Online and I will have unlimited storage, alot of e-mails for the staff and good bandwith. This also means we will have a new forum too very soon and it will probably be better than this one. The new domain will also make me able to make a "News Generator", were webmasters/webmaster just writes in what he/she wants in the new post and it will automatically put it on the webpage. The new domain will also make me be able to make for Golden Sun Plaza. But please keep in mind that Golden Sun Plaza will only be up until we get the first playable beta of Golden Sun Online unless someone offers them to host the server, but I won't pay anything for that.

-Vetle Psy Seal

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